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The expert is raised action, treat summertime skin disease opportunely

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  Road of abundant of mayor of Hefei of the Anhui province Ms. Zhao: Weather is torridder recently, my home grew a lot of prickly heat on darling body, child skin is tender, also dare not apply medicine to him, do not know to have the product with natural what, can you wipe to the child?    The expert raises action: You can add a bit toilet water in bathing Shui Zhongtian of the child, in the meantime, after bathing, return but balsam pear mincing, with the balsam pear pork that brings juice (had better make balsam pear juice) , graze prickly heat is in, because, balsam pear can heat of clear hot dispel, bright eye is alexipharmic, opposite at other go Fei product, be " pure natural " . Of course, the cool and refreshing stuff such as juice of gram soup, watermelon should be drunk to the child more in torrid weather, so that prevent poisonous heat,agglomerate inside body. After the child had prickly heat, cannot treat prickly heat with ointment, fat dose and cataplasm, the child's skin is delicate, these medicaments can stimulate the skin, aggravating prickly heat.    District of city of tung of city of Hefei of the Anhui province Mr Li: My arm curved office arrives summer removes eczema easily, and still have oozy liquid, say the eczema that is acute period, besides use hormone ointment, can you use Chinese traditional medicine?    The expert raises action: Generally speaking, the acute in eczema period, below the circumstance that does not have oozy fluid, still had better choose hormone kind ointment, be like affected part of the put on the skin outside coriaceous hormone emulsion, general one angel is used 3 times, or with calamine lotion, side effect is a few less than hormone. If oozy liquid is clear, and appear erosion, with wet apply of liquid cooling of dissolve of 3% boric acid, in the meantime, can cooperate to use clear hot profit wet, dispel the wind stops itch kind of Chinese traditional medicine, if suffer from skin of ginseng, Huang Bai, white moss, Xu Changqing,wait.    Netizen week lady: Weather is heated up, the gules papula with syringe needle concentrated size can appear on my body, and very urticant, still have longitudinal glowing feeling, how does ability alleviate these symptoms?    The expert raises action: You this kind of circumstance should be summertime dermatitis, can rinse affected part with clear water first, the Tu Qingliang after be being wiped with dry towel next stops urticant agent, like calamine lotion, stop urticant Ding, at the same time clear hot weather of profess to convinced is tasted alexipharmicly, be like gram soup. If Sao is urticant acuteness, but profess to convinced of take into consideration the circumstances fights histamine drug, like Ding of chlorpheniramine, Sai Geng, benefit Qin is replaced on the west etc.    Road of river of the Huaihe River of city of Hefei of the Anhui province Mr Zhang: I went recently Dalian, a lot of small measles grew on the skin after coming back, , the doctor says is rash of polymorphous sex sunlight, can you wash with Chinese traditional medicine?   
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