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Dermatosis uses the notice before medicine

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Use drug to understand skin disease, make the prophylaxis and treatment of good dermatosis, answer to understand cutaneous construction above all. The skin by extroversion inside ordinal it is skin, derma, subcutaneous tissue, skin is returned but fractionize is 5, have be able to bear or endure the characteristic with attrition, easy injury, rapid multiplication; Bag of hemal, nerve, sweat gland, sebaceous glands, wool is contained inside derma, and the sensory nerve ending such as urticant, painful, hot, cold, touch; Subcutaneous tissue basically is contained adipose. The main and objective expression of dermatosis is in cuticular, and because encroach the place such as the blood-vessel of dermal layer, nerve, sweat gland, sebaceous glands to cause,main symptom is.

Dermatosis is a lot of more phyletic, general component is infection sex, irritability, traumatic sex to wait. Before using drug, which is should be being diagnosed clearly above all a kind, which kind of dermatosis, before was not being made clear, hormone of not blind abuse kind medicaments. Some people regard skin as easily catholicon, want the skin to appear only peculiar use skin relaxed, its do not know to use undeserved, not only can aggravating illness, cause a variety of undesirable reaction possibly still. For instance ringworm of the body, the skin disease that the fungus infection such as tinea, brothers tinea, tinea versicolor causes, with the skin after skin is relaxed scathing limits can increase; Some people cause skin atrophy, pigment easily with skin ad cool-headed etc. Accordingly, it is very important that dermatosis chooses to use drug, be in normally acute period, because the skin is aglow, have papule, bubble, can use dust or lotion; Subacute period remove local hair infra-red, have spend skin soak gently, usable frost agent; Chronic period, the skin adds thick or excessive horn to change, can use frost agent, paste; The skin that changes to a few excessive cutin returns the preparation of usable spirituosity, in order to promote the osmosis of medicaments.

Dermatosis uses drug except above outside, notice avoid certain food even normally, especially those have Sao all sorts of the skin Sao urticant disease with urticant, oozy more juice, urticaria, dermatitis, wet examine, eat excitant food to wait like wine, chili, green, garlic, ginger, coffee, can exciting skin feels nerve, make itching aggravating, exciting skin is hemal at the same time, make its dilate fills haemal form oozy grow in quantity, make an illness aggravating. Irritability dermatosis, should avoid to contact allergic material again, the material that Chang Yi causes allergy divides a few medicaments outside, still food of a few animals waits like fish, shrimp, crab.

Anyhow, dermatosis sort is much, the matter is complex, once happen,answer as soon as possible asks dermatologist make a diagnosis and give treatment, strive for in inchoate cure, turn to make an illness stubborn chronically in case, increase difficulty to cure.
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