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Catch a disease swims south Pu Songling, mongolian oak bark cures poisonous sore

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Mongolian oak tree is arbor of cupule family fallen leaves, distributing in area of countrywide greater part, its leaf, skin, seed all can be offerred officinal. Scenery of village of poetic depict autumn, have interest quite. Your look, mongolian oak leaf begins zero, branch bends circle, for deck village, wood of Mongolian oak tree is sentient, flower is opened automatically.

Qing Daiwen learns a poor of Pusong age one's previous experience, strand again at field house, from a child is intelligent and outstanding, this graph " the other day cabinet of the Lin on merit name " , darkness of but division field tries repeatedly not, the life is very impoverished. According to " beneficial county annals " account, kang Xi 9 years autumn, pu Songling should of friend Sun Hui hire, leave the travel austral home town, head for Jiangsu treasure to should tell prefectural seat of government, made settle or live in a strange place of Sun Hui act, assist does official documents, when year 30. This is the travel that his only leaving home.

The word says south swim in road putting in the home 's charge, pusong age staying hotel, catch sore poison personally, bottom is strange urticant, hind fester unceasingly. This Pu Songling already refineded at medicine, ever treated a disease for person of home town poverty-stricken cure disease, poisonous to treating skiing ulcer, yi Zhi has a lot of medicinal herbs but cure, from examine from cure, initiative with medicine, the effect is inferior to meaning, sore poison indissolubles. In returning the home, poisonous sore still did not improve, terribly coagulates be puzzled. Consult therefore cure book, from " ancon is mothball urgent square " in check: Mongolian oak skin boils bath affected part. Those who try is effective, add again abstain plaster apply, before long heal.

Pusong age home town, mongolian oak cultivates Cheng Lin. From now on, he much the medicine that treats a disease blindly. This year of autumn, the author sees Mongolian oak cultivates deciduous leaf and lay condition, recite poems then chant, already sequential of add details to a painting, lyric send.

As Chinese traditional medicine, Mongolian oak bark can treat wind of pestilence of evil sore, Luo, dysenteric, bowel to issue the disease such as blood; Mongolian oak leaf is medicable naevus of dysentery of haematemesis, nosebleeding blood, blood, blood, clap, still but drive tapeworm, benefit pee; Mongolian oak plants a seed (Mongolian oak is solid benevolence) but acerbity bowel originallies, stop have diarrhoea stops dysentery. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " account, mongolian oak skin but " stop the blood below wind of bare dysentery characterized by white mucous stool, bowel " ; " Tang Bencao " say, mongolian oak leaf " advocate naevus, hemostatic, hematic dysentery, stop thirsty " . To the officinal efficacy that Mongolian oak establishs, formulas put into verse says:
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