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Pregnancy needs discretion to use drug except underarm odour, n/med beriberi

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Netizen Ms. Wu: I am pregnant 5 months, because want to enter an activity, want to wipe some of external use that rules an underarm odour medical Xi Shi orchid, it is OK to do not know? If the bosom got athlete's foot during pregnant, vesicle grew on the foot, what is opposite medicine of fetal hurtless external use?

Dermatological department expert: Xi Shi orchid stops as a kind sweat agent, say commonly, it is certain to have excitant. Be in clinical on discovery, the meeting after a few people are used produces local allergic reaction. Be in especially gestation, because the likelihood causes allergic reaction, can affect to fetal generation, suggest you had better not use drug. Reduce an underarm odour to be able to use conservative method, be like the food that eat less as far as possible or does not eat acrimony stimulation, decrease as far as possible perspire; After bathing, can besmear a few tastes pure and fresh talcum powder.

Pregnancy got beriberi, want to change footgear frequently above all, wear the cotton socks with good permeability; Once appear after bleb, OK and right amount the external application that uses a few security medicaments. If the symptom uses 1 % ~ gently the foot of bubble of boric acid solution of 2 % , every night, every time bubble 20 minutes; The symptom is heavy, after bubble foot, can be in local inunction ketone of a bit compound health Zun.

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