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Of dermatosis nurse commonly

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1, to general and healthy in order, without systemic symptom, can swing, the patient that the life can provide for oneself, can have activity of entertainment, sports appropriately, study concerned disease nurse common sense.

2, patient of common skin disease offers normal food, abstinence make the illness development of dermatosis or aggravating food, if change,answer sexual skin disease needs abstinence seafood, egg kind wait for food; Urticant disease of heurodermatitis, Sao ban drink strong tea, alcoholic drink kind, hot excitant food; Smooth perceptual dermatosis avoids insolation, diet Chinese milk vetch, cole, river snail; Bleb appearance dermatitis bans food of the amine that use unhusked rice to wait.

3, patient of Sao urticant symptom, persuade a patient not to scratch the caustic that catch a skin, avoid to catch rub and hot suds scald as far as possible, make a patient weekly clip fingernail 2. Morpheus of patient of urticant serious effect mixes Sao when the mood, take into consideration the circumstances gives fight group amine or composed medicaments.

4, many and oozy, take off bits, scabby the patient that waits for the skin to damage, need to be treated with medicine of many external use, often easy pollution dress and bedding, need to change in time sickbed and dress, make a patient comfortable.

5, allergic constitution patient, ward avoids to place flowers and plants to reach avoid to contact easy sensitizer.

6, the bed of smooth perceptual dermatitis and patient of systematization lupus erythematosus should be not arranged stand by the window, avoid sunlight point-blank, make illness aggravation easily otherwise.

7, if dermatosis is a kind of of systemic sex disease local show, for example tumour of dermatitis of sex of myositis of systematization lupus erythematosus, skin, chorionitis, pemphigus, medicaments, skin, those who divide dermatosis is general outside nursing, nurse by medical convention, prevent complication.

8, patient of damage of large area skin, change medicine to need to notice aseptic manipulation, room temperature, heat preservation, in case complication, want to master dosage chroma at the same time, avoid systemic wet apply or wet apply time to grow too, medicaments of as a result is absorbed toxic.

9, change medicine to notice cleanness achieves a face above all, the absorption that is helpful for medicaments reachs the heal that achieve a face. Fester infection patient uses 1: Solution of 5000 potassium permanganate is cleaned, immerse; What former besmear has dust is usable warm water is cleaned; Cataplasm person can use oil of stone dried meat to obliterate; Can clean with solution of 3% boric acid all round oral cavity, eye, nostril; A long time of secretion of external auditory meatus can use cleanness of hydrogen peroxide solution. The heat preservation work that the patient notes after changing medicine reachs the comfortable level after apply medicine, at the same time cleared contamination makes trade medicine burn or be not handled especially, appliance is disinfected strictly, to contagious dermatosis patient, outside asking except above, travel bedside segregation nurses.
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