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Chorionitis: Antidote and immune adsorption are treated together

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Division of immunity of rheumatism of hospital of Beijing of Ministry of Public Health uses the medicaments that according to ground acid calcic natrium gives priority to to have treatment, cooperate immune adsorption technology, make the illness of chorionitis patient gets clear improvement. The expert says, calcic natrium of the acid that depend on the ground is a kind of antidote, remedial chorionitis belongs to old drug to be used newly.

Differ according to the illness, the patient passes 2 ~ commonly cure of 6 period of treatment, the patient's skin appears apparent bate, the symptom disappears stage by stage. If privately uses this kind to medication, side effect is bigger, because of this patient must be in hospital, be in next the doctor that has experience is directive use, so that observe remedial effect at any time. Every period of treatment is controlled 20 days, the medical charge of every period of treatment is 1500 yuan are controlled.

According to doctor observation, the patient is in after cure in two years, without reappear sclerosis evidence. If economic capacity allows, also can continue to accept immune adsorption to treat, such effects are can better, faster. Immune adsorption technology uses body outer circulation, with infusion about the same, just insert on patient body " pipe " , derive the patient's blood come, undertake filtering with the machine, ill factor and noxiousness material are sent inside adsorptive body selectively. Immune adsorption cure wants a period of treatment only, about 20 days or so, charge is controlled in 40 thousand yuan.

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