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The skin disease with summertime common prophylaxis and treatment

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One, tinea versicolor:
Tinea versicolor common weighs tinea versicolor, the day heats up sweat to be able to cause this disease more. This ill skin expression is: Rise first have a lot of fine speckle, companion has Sao to itch, the symptom after perspiring is more apparent. The good hair place of tinea versicolor: Bosom, abdomen, the upper arm reachs back.
Cure can choose preparation of salicylic, benzoic acid, 10 % overcome mildew Zun frost and tincture.
Because moss bacterium can survive on bedding of the skin, clothings, cause often turn over recrudescent disease to want to be treated thoroughly so, be about to have clothings, clothes cleanness is disinfected. The sunshine after the simplest method is cleaned namely insolates.

2, polymorphous and solar rash:
This disease sees more at the female, good hair place is in face, cervical reach double finger to wait expose place. Have obvious concern with day illuminate, ji Ke reduces Qiu Dong by oneself.
Cure can use the remedy such as Kun of acetone of 2 hydroxide bine, hydrogen, still can coach in the doctor reaction of next profess to convinced stop, but should notice: This medicine can cause monster, reason pregnant woman is banned with.

3, midge bite:
Ecchymosis appears after be being bitten by midge, but external use zinc oxide or calamine lotion, also but outside Tu Qingliang is oily, be in when necessary external use medicine while the medicine such as Ding of chlorpheniramine of profess to convinced, Sai Geng, in order to reduce allergic phenomenon.

4, summertime dermatitis:
Summertime dermatitis is a kind seasonal dermatosis, happen in the summer more, disappear to cool autumn days, have a relapse instead, good hair extends flank at limb, extend to the whole body very, show symmetry show effect more.
Cure: Chinese traditional medicine recipe winter Sang Xie 30 grams, Su Xie is 30 grams of 30 grams, Chen Ai leaf, thin lotus leaf is 30 grams, aluminous 20 grams.
Usage: Medicine adds water on 1500 milliliter, decoct boil 20 minutes, in falling medical fluid the basin, wait for lukewarm hind outside wash affected part. Daily 1 agent, wash bath 3 times, 5-7 agent is a period of treatment.
Effect: Clear heat is alexipharmic, disappear rash stops urticant.
Advocate treat: Summertime dermatitis. Disease sees every are in the summer is local skin tide is red, afterwards gives out a petty papula, sao is urticant, catch broken anhydrous, can form hematic scab.
Shu Fengqing heats up Fang Zhongsang leaf, mint; Dispel the wind of Su Xie, moxa leaf connects subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy to stop in order to aid urticant; Aluminous detoxify stops urticant. With this square cure according to the report summertime dermatitis uses medical 1-2 period of treatment can heal.

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