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The summer: Hold the optimal period that treats skin disease!

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Because summertime weather is torrid, sun's rays is point-blank increase with heat radiation, and outdoors activity increase, cause the much hair of dermatosis. And at the same time, because summertime skin is wet, the skin absorption to medicaments capability is stronger, accordingly, the summer is the optimal period that treats skin disease.

The summer: Hold the optimal period that treats skin disease!

   Choice medicaments wants discreet

Dermatosis patient wants to notice, careful with profess to convinced kind medicaments, medicine of profess to convinced passes splanchnic metabolization, not only can increase burden of liver, kidney, lienal, stomach, and medicaments rubbish can make an illness more exasperate, especially minor reachs Yo age woman more should forbidden careful with. As a result of summertime much sweat, cream the likelihood does not suit kind of medicaments to be used for a long time forcedly, gush agent suits external use more the patient is used. Additional, because summertime skin has been absorbed to medicaments, leather damage area spends big patient, with medical chroma Ying Shen is weighed, when necessary first local try out, in case inside allergy and body excessive absorb. Before giving drug, ying Xianqing washs local skin, because use is improper,avoid and lower curative effect or the occurence rate that raise harmful response. When cleaning affected part, the movement wants gentleness, do not come off forcibly scurfy, lest cause local infection, be like red, swollen, hot, painful, such meetings affect cure, lengthen course of diseases.

   Living condition is very fundamental

The patient is in remedial process, want to remove mental insecurity factor, avoid excessive exhaustion, the attention rests. The condition that lives at the same time wants Gan Shuang, ventilated, facilitate wash bath. In using drug daily, the medicine that fight impaludism, β - retarder accepting put oneself in another's position all can be caused or aggravating illness. Endocrine change, gravid also can cause skin disease or make an illness aggravating.

Some patients are in remedial dermatosis process very impatient, to want quickly good, often can choose to increase the dosage of medicaments, this kind of practice is very unscientific, the doctor reminds should strict according to doctor's advice or medicaments manual, have treatment by period of treatment.

   Dietary respect wants to notice

Dietary respect must notice, like flesh of hot food, seafood, wine, flocks and herds kind food, special attention does not eat without scale kind piscine product, eat the food such as some of vegetable that contains a vitamin, fruit, bean products to be beautiful more, everyday much more drinkable plain boiled water, the metabolism inside stimulative body.
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