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Tan is qualitative

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Chinese name: Name of tan qualitative foreign language: Tannic Acid place belongs to a category: Dermatosis defines with medicine:
[alias] tan is qualitative, chan Ning, tannic acid, tannic acid
[foreign language name] Tannic Acid
[get used to disease] this tasting can precipitate protein, have convergent effect, can make the skin hardens, protect thereby it is mucous membrane, beyond the mark to check secrete reach hemostatic; Can reduce local ache, decrease get hurt the plasma of place is oozy, have the effect that avoids bacterial infection. Basically use at bedsore, also can use at eczema, haemorrhoid and new student diaper rash.
[dosage usage] external use: Local besmear put on the skin, daily 2 - 3.
[harmful response] when tasting large area to apply originally, but by achieve a face to absorb and happen toxic, have acuteness noxiousness to liver, serious when cause liver necrotic, deepen achieve a face, defer heal, unfavorable bedding face accumulates reason or use for a long time.
[medicaments interaction] this tasting have contraindication of conpatibility of medicines with heavy metal and protein, reason avoid and ironware are contacted.
[norms] ointment agent 10% , 20% .

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