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Scatter acid

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Chinese name: Drop name of acerbity foreign language: Salycylic Acid place belongs to a category: Dermatosis defines with medicine:
[alias] salicylic, willow acid, scatter acerbity
[foreign language name] Salicylic Acid
[get used to disease] have fight fungus, stop the action such as urticant, deliquescent cutin, often wait with benzoic acid match external use preparation, treat a variety of chronic skin disease.
[dosage usage] external use: Besmear put on the skin.
[norms] 5 % of 3 % ~ 10 % of ~ alcohol solution. Pink of water of water of head of put on the skin, ringworm of the foot, prickly heat, 10 % of 5 % ~ is salicylic cream etc.

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