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Complete coal tar

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Chinese name: Name of foreign language of complete coal tar: Place of Whole Coal Tar belongs to a category: Dermatosis defines with medicine:
[alias] lustre it, completely coal tar
[composition] completely coal tar
[foreign language name] Whole Coal Tar
[get used to disease] dermatitis of sex of excessive of head psoriasis, fat, dander.
[dosage usage] head psoriasis 5 Ml/ second, every week 2 - 3, period of treatment 4 - 8 weeks. Dermatitis of fat excessive sex, dander 5 Ml/ second, every week 1 - 2, period of treatment 2 - 4 weeks.
[harmful response] see local stimulation occasionally, the colour and lustre of provisionality of light color hair is changed.
[note] avoid to contact an eye.
[norms] lotion 1% X 60ml, 177ml.

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