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4 Xi of Ren ester

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Chinese name: 4 Xi of Ren name of ester foreign language: Etretinate place belongs to a category: Dermatosis defines with medicine:
[alias] moxa blow stop Ren of; of formic acid of; balmy dimension Wei Jialing of; of 4 Xi ester, for spirit of silver-colored bits of Wei Jia; , replace ester according to music, ester of A dimension A
[foreign language name] Etretinate, tigason
[get used to disease] use at serious psoriasis to be like psoriasis of red skin sex, abscess psoriasis; Keratosis of bursa of red branny rash, wool and other and serious horn change congenital scale disease, hair unusual dermatosis.
[dosage usage] profess to convinced: Begin dosage daily every kilogram weight 0. g of m of 75 ~ 1 , divide 2 ~ 3 times to use. Period of treatment is 2 ~ 4 weeks, the largest dose must not exceed daily 75 m g , final dosage must be reached according to curative effect be able to bear or endure to get rate and be decided, normally 6 ~ is 1 period of treatment 8 weeks, every kilogram weight is daily dose 0. 5 m g , can achieve optimal result. Cure stop drug namely.
[note] 1. Those who use medical initial stage is unwell can be able to bear or endure suffer. Excessive can cause a phlogistic Ji Jun of dry, lip to crack, mucous membrane agnail, thirsty reach perspiration, lose one's hair of a few occurrence reversibility and liver function are changed. 2. Woman of pregnant woman, lactation, liver function is not complete, right the person that taste allergy originally is banned with.
[norms] capsule agent: × of 10 m g 50.

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