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The complete Wei Jia that return form is acerbity

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Chinese name: Turn over name of foreign language of type dimension formic acid completely: Tretinoin place belongs to a category: Dermatosis defines with medicine:
[alias] formic acid of vitamin of vitamin A acerbity; , dimension formic acid
[foreign language name] Tretinoin, vitamine A Acid, retinoic Acid
[get used to disease] apply to tinea of common sex acne, compressed liver mosses (include oral cavity tinea of compressed liver mosses) , blaze, hair is red ministry of branny rash knead dough is pure branny rash. This tasting still can make psoriasis (psoriasis) auxiliary cure medicaments, yi Ke is used at cure to send sexual common wart and horn to change more unusual kind all sorts of dermatosis if horn of bursa of scale disease, wool changes disease to wait.
[dosage usage] profess to convinced: Every time 10 m g , 1 day 2 ~ 3. External use 0. Facial and 25 % Leng Shuang or ointment cure acne, pure branny rash, 0. 1 % Leng Shuang or ointment treat tinea of compressed liver mosses, hair the other skin disease such as red branny rash, blaze, daily Tu Yao 2, or follow the doctor's advice.
[note] 1. Taste to be taken orally to be able to arise originally have a headache, giddy (50 years old of the following patients are older factitious much) , buccal doing, take off the harmful response such as bits, control dosage or take the B1 of 穀 dimension element, vitamin, medicaments such as B6 at the same time, can make have a headache to wait for reaction to reduce or disappear. Make ester now kind use for to be taken orally, in order to ease poisonous deputy reaction. 2. Can cause liver to damage, function of liver, kidney is undesirable person careful with. 3. External use should avoid to use at the skin weaker fold position, notice chroma shoulds not be exorbitant (0. 3 % is the following relatively appropriate) , lest cause erythema, desquamate, glowing feeling,reach small painful wait for local stimulation. If these reaction are slight, should insist to continue to treat. If reaction is severe, answer to stop drug instantly. 4. Unfavorable at acute dermatitis, eczema applying kind disease. 5. When the skin disease that treats serious type, can wait like coriaceous hormone, antibiotic with other remedy amalgamative use, in order to add curative effect.
[norms] tablet: Every β - suitable Wei Jia is acerbity 10 m g . Dimension amine fat 10 m g , cold cream or ointment: 0. 25 % , 0. 1 % .

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