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Candy acerbity Mo Misong

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Chinese name: Name of foreign language of of candy acerbity Mo Misong: Mometasone Furoate place belongs to a category: Dermatosis defines with medicine:
[alias] Ai Luosong, candy acid Momisong
[foreign language name] Mometasone Furoate
[get used to disease] effective to coriaceous steroid dermatosis, be like different sexual dermatitis.
[dosage usage] 1 / day, tu Yu affected part.
[harmful response] extremely scarce and local feeling is unusual, sao itchs and the skin is atrophic.
[note] the person that be used large area, for a long time or use the technology that seal a bag, need to time detect hematic cortisone chroma. Gravid reach lactation woman careful with.
[norms] breast creams 0.1% X 5 G.

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