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His ossification mellow ointment

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Chinese name: Name of foreign language of his ossification mellow ointment: Tacalcitol Ointment place belongs to a category: Dermatological department defines with medicine:
[alias] his Ka Xichun, ointment of his Ka Xichun, his ossification mellow ointment, bud Er husband ointment
[foreign language name] Tacalcitol Ointment, bonalfa Ointment
[pharmacodynamics action] the effect that to cuticular education cell and normal person or psoriasis person have a department and the person skin of draw materials develops a cell, his Ka Xichun has DNA synthesis to reach control cellular hyperplasia function. Cause a cell to TPA daub not to have me proliferously the cuticular action of white rat, ODC of cellular hyperplasia index (bird ammonia acid takes off carboxyl enzymatic) active is restrained. Give ointment of daub of silver-colored quiet ill patient 4 weeks, discovery has inhibition to be opposite to DNA synthesis and segmentation action of S period cell decreases to have inhibition to cuticular cell hyperplasia. Revulsive to the become divided of cuticular cell action: Dialogue rat skin fosters a cell, it is OK to discover his Ka Xichun inside stimulative cell not of dissolve strange film form reach increase turn the active with enzymatic amine of cereal ammonia acyl. To having the skin of Mao Bai rat, make Tgase active rises action. Foster a cell to normal person skin, his Ka Xichun is right inside the cell not the precursor protein synthesis of dissolve sex film has stimulative effect. Additional, undertake to the skin of the place of focus of a disease after psoriasis patient daub the electron microscope observes, the formation of the formation that discovers model of corneous layer albumen and layer of grain of cuticular and transparent corneous albumen, normal part changes apt. To the 1 α of cuticular cell, 25(OH)2D3 distinctive albumen suffers the endophilicity of body: Dialogue rat and cell of ordinary person skin accept put oneself in another's position mediumly, his Ka Xichun has very strong endophilicity.
[medical acting motive force] grown to health man and psoriasis patient, undertake 20-80 μ G or undertake G of daily 40-80 μ successive classics skin of 7 days experiments to medicine, he blocks the serum of most healthy and grown man and patient Xi Chunjun is restricted in check outside the following.
[get used to disease] common sex psoriasis (common weighs psoriasis)
[usage dosage] normally daily 2, right amount daub is in have a department.
[harmful response] undertake to the use person of this 36695 ointment security is evaluated, discover 111 168 side-effect. Main symptom has Sao to itch 31, aglow 19, the change of the clinical examination related to side-effect rises for GOT 10, ALP rises 8.
[note] the report that have not serum calcium is worth the clinical trial that rise, yinbenpin is active vitamin D3 preparation, a large number of daub have the possibility that makes serum calcium cost rises, the case that did not get ameliorative in the symptom issues disuse. The attention does not want besmear to be on canthus film, conjunctiva. Senile person with medicine: Generally speaking, senile person the attention does not want excessive to use. To the influence of woman of gravid, lactation: Because concern the security of pregnant woman have not establish, pregnant woman or the woman that are pregnant possibly, avoid many or long-term large area to use. To the influence of children: Right unbaked, new student, the security of sucker, cheeper or children have not establish.
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