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Go phlogistic pine shrinks acetone

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Chinese name: Go phlogistic pine shrinks name of acetone foreign language: Triamcinolone Acetonide place belongs to a category: Dermatosis defines with medicine:
[alias] Qu An shrinks loose; goes; of phlogistic Shu Song goes phlogistic pine - A; goes phlogistic pine shrinks acetone; truly phlogistic Shu Song - A, kangningketong - A
[foreign language name] Triamcinolone Acetonide
[get used to disease] use at all sorts of dermatosis (wait like heurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis) , leg of sprain of Zhou Yan of asthma of arthralgia, bronchus, shoulder, tenosynovitis, acute, chronic waist is painful reach ophthalmic inflammation to wait.
[dosage usage] 1. Flesh notes: Weekly 1 second, 100 m of 20 ~ g . 2. Hypodermic or joint inject inside antrum: Take into consideration the circumstances decides dosage, it is commonly 2. 5 m of 5 ~ g . To dermatosis but at leather damage position or mark place injects, every place dose is 0. 2 ~ 0. 3 m g , daily dose does not exceed 30 m g , weekly gross does not exceed 75 m g . Sufficient shake up answers before using. 3. External use: Cream with ointment, breast, drop eye agent, ~ of 1 day 1 4, day of 1 of gas mist agent 3 ~ 4.
[note] 1. The inject inside articulatory antrum may cause joint to damage. 2. Use for a long time at eye ministry to be able to cause intraocular pressure to lift, virus sex, n/med tuberculosis sex or avoid of disease of eye of acute fester sex are used. 3. Pregnant woman is unfavorable and long-term use.
[norms] 1. Injection injection: g of every 50 m (5 m l ) , 200 m g (5 m l ) . 2. Enrage mist agent: Every g contains drug 0. 147 m g .

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