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Want the skin is good, filling water is very important

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Water is the fountainhead that everythings on earth grows, moisture is told to the skin also is quite important, moisture cell is sufficient fill at the skin among of all kinds cell, make cutaneous maintains mutual and active distance between all sorts of cells, what have moisture content so is sufficient and moist, the skin just can look exquisite, ruddy, luster.

According to concerning investigation discovery, 70% woman skins of the left and right sides all have the phenomenon lacking water of different level to happen, this brings about a female facial skin appears sere, splash, furrow. But in spring, this dry and windy season, the skin dehydrates very serious, spring filling water becomes the subject that spring skin nurses. Make skin exquisite moist of spring defend wet program, should more exquisite, more considerate. From skin depth compensatory water is divided, aggrandizement organizes cellular function, active moisture cell and grow environment, it is drying skin what cannot ignore is main nurse.

Careful with keep wet product The product that keeps wet set is aloe series effect best. Soft water element is contained in frost of aloe moisture day active skin cell, complement is protein, alleviation is sensitive, repair collect capillary rupture. Aloe is repaired protect late frost to contain exceed bursa of fat of small hydration vegetable, water of can rapid complement is divided and activation cell is made the same score stroke furrow, let the skin restore flexibility and soft benefit.

Bu Shuizi benefit is popular fume cure to nurse When spring, the skin should do periodic to maintain to professional hairdressing orgnaization more, bu Shuizi benefit is popular fume what cure nurses even if design in the light of spring skin technically. The series product that beautician can use individuation first adjusts the balance that cutaneous PH is worth, the rose water that draws with pure nature at the same time is compensatory and facial cutaneous moisture. Subsequently, apply the most distinctive Bu Shuixiang that has allocated to fume oil of essence of life to massage facial, undertake lymphatic drainage discharges poison to nurse, this kind of special sweet oil that suffocate essence of life is to use jasmine flower, Rome of the plant extraction deduct a percentage from a sum of money such as Gan Ju, geranium, Hua Limu, skin of among them development of oily element of essence of life, chain skin water separates molecular activity, thereby moisture won't prediction of a person's luck in a given year. This kind of effect that nurse is: Make stretch tight closely originally dry skin, at a draught moist, exquisite. If combine Europe form of the whole body,lymphatic platoon poison is treated, the body can send out natural scent, whole person can feel unusual loosen, spirit also can do it one brace up.

Feel side of spring breeze stroke moistly, skin bath of Wen Run is in spring breeze, have the feeling that stretchs tight closely no longer, spring becomes beautiful accordingly. Moist skin lets female glorious take a person, glamour 4 shoot. People place says no less than: Self-confidence is beautiful, so, let us decide beauty case to be on the skin that caresses these each inches first.
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