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What is the action of vapour hairdressing

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Vapour hairdressing is one kind uses steam the mouth of bursa of thoroughly clean wool, sebaceous glands, undertake to the skin alimentary and the means that obtains hairdressing, it is an overheat vapour dilate wool bursa sebaceous glands leaves and after sweat gland aperture, the block content inside bate and cleared gland body, achieve the effect of deep skin cleanness. Additional, ameliorable blood circulates, compensatory skin moisture, stimulative skin fat is secreted, those who accelerate phlogistic sex tubercle is abreaction, maintain skin health, make skin cleanness ruddy, be full of burnish and flexibility, prevent and defer skin consenescence.

Vapour hairdressing improves skin quality, if enough moisture was absorbed after hairdressing of dry, coarse skin classics vapour, can become slender and moist; Oily skin can eliminate overmuch leather fat through evaporate face, maintain unobstructed of ringent of bursa of leather fat, wool, sweat gland, prevent the happening of acne.

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