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Cold bath face is adverse hairdressing

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: Hairdressing washs a face
Often hear a kind of such arguments: "Cold water washs a face, hairdressing health care " , so, is cold bath face true can hairdressing? The answer is negative. Especially to oily skin, if use cold bath face for a long time, as a result of " cold sex closes bring " , make pore contractive, cannot abluent accumulation reachs cosmetic hangover to wait for bilge at facial leather fat, dust, not only the result that cannot achieve hairdressing, cause the skin disease of acne and so on easily instead, influence hairdressing. Correct clean skin should be accomplished already cleanness does not damage the skin again, it is the foundation of the hairdressing that protect skin. And proper water is warm the fundamental condition that is skin cleanness, water lukewarm super-cooling and overheat are alimentary to cutaneous adverse. Water lukewarm super-cooling (20 ℃ are the following) have convergent effect to the skin, can exercise skin, make the person is inspired with enthusiasm, but the water clean skin that uses super-cooling for a long time can cause the skin vasomotor, make the skin becomes cadaverous, wither, sebaceous glands, sweat gland is secreted decrease, flexibility is lost, occurrence premature senility, alimentary to the skin adverse. Water lukewarm overheat (38 ℃ above) the effect that has analgesia and outspread blood capillary to the skin, but often use can make the skin defatted, hemal wall vigor is abate, bring about skin pore dilate, skin look gets flabby and faint, occurrence furrow changeably. Appropriate water is warm should control in 34 ℃ , temperature of skin of summary prep above, but under temperature, try with the hand, have tepid feeling, but won't feel very hot. This kind of Wen Shui, already can clean skin, have composed effect to the skin again, be helpful for cutaneous rests and removing fatigue, do not have harm to the skin. The right kind that wash a face should use the method with Wen Shui and alternant cold water, namely: Wen Shuiqing washs facial → to move toward daub cleaner down facial muscle grain (the grandma that wash a face or black kind wait for) , time shoulds not be too long, with 3-4 minute advisable → uses → of cleaner scour off cold water to rinse with Wen Shui facial. Use the method with this kind of Wen Shui and alternant cold water, can achieve clean cutaneous goal not only, and through water lukewarm cold heat alternates, can make skin simple table hemal dilate and systole, enhance cutaneous breath, promote facial haemal circulation, achieve the result of hairdressing.

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