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: Chinese traditional medicine
Shan Shan is office secretary, blain always rises on the face recently, used blain of several kinds of dispel to cream do not get effective, do she very " do not have face " . It is chili eats after all much, be still the spirit that winter soup makes this year? Finally, in the elder sister arouse below, she went courtyard of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, a few take a decoction of medicinal ingredients to go down, blain blain disappeared! And the skin of facial ministry becomes smooth and delicate, still have that a painful topic -- constipation also was solved.   luxuriant and beautiful looks at the skin that Shan Shan bright slips to be able to 't help examining minutely a reason, listen should drink a decoction of medicinal ingredients, shake his head again and again: "Too troublesome, everyday decoct medicine needs 1 at least hour, which have time? Decoct is over medicine, the Chinese traditional medicine that bears full house even flavour, afflictive dead. " Ke Shanshan great tells her, want to spend a few yuan of money only now, it is good medical decoct that drug-store can help you, all and sealed pack, come home to heat two minutes to be able to be done easily in microwave oven decided. Listening to the introduction of Shan Shan, there was an idea in heart of luxuriant and beautiful. After 3 months, complexion is coarse the luxuriant and beautiful of one face glossy left unexpectedly glossy, the skin begins to become delicate. Work in the same placing guess she used some kind of new entrance cosmetic in succession, or was to do the hairdressing that change skin. Great of luxuriant and beautiful became white everybody say: "Think beautifully! Unless change abdomen bowel, how to change skin to was not used otherwise. I ah, since saw a traditional Chinese medical science, the skin is better and better. "     " go to a hospital why on earth without disease? "     " without disease? This you do not understand. Skin occurrence problem, pie-eyed not only it is exterior phenomenon, still have endogenous. Person constitution is good, the skin, hair ability is beautiful, this cries by inside and the beauty outside. E.g. Xiaowang, your skin is much oilier, coarse and the tone is serious, return constipation? Right. The true illness that you are a model -- went internal heat, you are natural can the skin is exquisite, silky... " work in the same placing are said to get ready to star wriggling-ready to make trouble by luxuriant and beautiful -- by inside and the beauty outside, which woman does not want? Still have even if can solve the dysmenorrhoea that be fed up with, hands or feet cool... with one action is gotten more. Hairdressing has Chinese traditional medicine exquisite   common saying says well, "Western medicine take temporary solution, effect a permanent cure of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine " , " the classics inside Huang Di " the concern that says blood of gas of human body hair, face, facial features, skin and internal organs of the body, main and collateral channels, yin and yang, the person is pie-eyed, the body is insalubrious it is the most essential reason place. So, no matter be " day eat litchi 300 " Yang Guifei, still be like the Zhao Feiyan of swallow gently personally, very notice the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine recuperates take a tonic to build up health, in order to maintain the figure with good charming and beautiful appearance. The reason that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks the disease is caused, as a result of,be of gas, blood, water unusual, know put oneself in another's position through examine inside " gas, blood, water " unusual situation, will hold integral circumstance of the patient. Go up like the face occurrence whelk, constipation, halitosis, skin is dry wait these exterior reasons a moment, get to the bottom of rises is the change because of immanent constitution lopsided and bring about. If the viewpoint according to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, be about by inside and the other place undertakes recuperating, such ability abigail people are had by inside and the beauty outside. Additional, with Western medicine, chinese traditional medicine also cannot be used in disorder. The medicinal material on prescription is little a ten flavour, many a few flavour, each gout drug is not much, will calculate by the gram. Can not look down upon this simple gram to weigh, the patient with disease, identical prescription relies on the gram of this medicine to adjust again just about, even if is the difference of 9 grams, the effect after next abdomen also can be widely divergent. Research returns discovery, as a result of Chinese traditional medicine the element is meticulous all the more, the natural diaphragm of because this is OK penetrable skin, achieve first-rate to maintain the effect. Normally the skin maintains to general biochemistry tasted absorption degree can achieve 7 % only, and Chinese traditional medicine maintains be absorbed what taste degree can achieve 13 % however. And, chinese traditional medicine maintains it is OK to taste with " invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu " the metabolism that manner raises skin, outside the corneous eduction body of the melanin that makes precipitate and ageing, raise so colour the effect that is stationed in a look is very apparent. Chinese traditional medicine 3 pace walks along hairdressing   wants to pass Chinese traditional medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine hairdressing can be gotten have patience, be eager to hope for success is no good. Can follow the prescribed order only one step comes: 1 . The hospital in spending a few hours to arrive sees a doctor, accept diagnose in the round. 2. Spend a few months to press square make up a prescription of Chinese herbal medicine, period of treatment of a decoction of medicinal ingredients that finish. 3. The flower insists a few years to enter fill, consolidate curative effect. See hairdressing of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine includes at least not hard from here two kinds need long-term importunate to work, it is to drink hairdressing a decoction of medicinal ingredients, 2 it is to eat filling hairdressing medicinal food (congee of medicinal food soup, medicinal food) . If do not pass the diagnosis of the first pace to give his with respect to oneself " into fill " , hairdressing of classics regular meeting won'ts do instead " destroy a look " . The sorching in the office is a unfortunate. In beautiful soup house, what sorching does not plead to cross a client is well-intentioned, drank a bowl more than others nourishing beautiful soup. But, the following day she fails to go to work, it is the big a knot in one's heart that had one face so, honest be ashamed at seeing a person. Be forced to take a fancy to cure, original culprit is that bowl of nourishing beautiful soup. Sorching is the person of empty hot constitution originally, encounter lukewarm fill to be sent, only the female of empty cold constitution drinks satisfy the need of such lukewarm filling Shang Cai. Can be sorching very grievance: "I also do not know what should fill, what ought not to fill. Everybody says this soup is good, be hairdressing, I was drunk, who knows is this result, I also did not fill again later. " division of   traditional Chinese medical science tells her: "Such think of a way is wrong also, your oneself also has a problem, fill was opposite have profit greatly of course, but the effect that must fill to remove gymnastical hairdressing to disease ability. " division of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine shows sorching, knew oneself body condition later, can drink Shang Jin to fill not only, still can drink congee to enter fill, drink a decoction of medicinal ingredients to enter fill, still can enter through diet even fill, jump over filling body to had been jumped over, the person also can become more and more beautiful. What need an attention nevertheless is, the Chinese traditional medicine that applies into filling hairdressing place material is mostly softhearted, dosage is lesser, eat be the effect that cannot have to recuperate the body 9 times only. Hairdressing is entered fill 1 of   of two roads   . A decoction of medicinal ingredients of   of hairdressing of a decoction of medicinal ingredients not only can cure all sorts of dense disease, still have the curative effect of hairdressing. Characteristic: Get effective fast. Take medicine to enter abdomen normally clue can see first, problem of inside and outside is solved together, most be good at solving the underlying problem that is ignored easily. Treatment: According to traditional decoct medicine method, need immerses the medicinal material 30 minutes with water beforehand above, undertake be boilinged endlessly controlling a process again next, need 1 at least, 2 hours ability is taken, and dregs of a decoction is bad to handle, taste is agonized and bad. Now, inn all offers courtyard of each traditional Chinese medical science and Chinese traditional medicine acting decoct serves, need to pay a few yuan fee only, over- 2, 3 hours are OK bale all a decoction of medicinal ingredients inside period of treatment completely with sealed form take away, come home put save inside freezer, before taking, heat inside microwave oven 2, 3 minutes can. Integral feeling: Need costs proper time and doctor to undertake communication regularly, undertake having the build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food of specific aim according to the change of not contemporaneous different constitution. Additional, the person that take still needs certain perseverance to challenge the taste of a decoction of medicinal ingredients. Suit a crowd: Body inside and outside is not moved, sign is clearer, want by inside and outside the woman that has recuperating thoroughly. Be aimed at hairdressing disease: Complexion not beautiful, skin coarse, splash, blain. 2. Characteristic of   of hairdressing medicinal food: Softhearted, get effective slow, need insists for a long time to take just can obtain remarkable result. Pay attention to feed fill, recuperate inside and outside, can solve especially " face " problem. Treatment: The cook of the medicinal food has simple, complex two kinds. Complex medicinal food wants to be enjoyed in the ability inside high-grade medicinal food wine shop commonly, and simple him medicinal food can be allocated in the home. Integral feeling: Flavour in a popular style, can accept for average person place, imperceptible in easy diet process ground changed a constitution, beautification appearance, kill two birds with one stone of it may be said. Suit a crowd: Cannot accept the female of taste of a decoction of medicinal ingredients really. Be aimed at hairdressing disease: Cadaverous, dim, skin gives birth to complexion coarsely, early furrow. The hairdressing dish   in medicinal food wine shop now, the wine shop that you run a medicinal food again but can be at ease boldly for beauty engorge ate especially, want to nod those who suit oneself to drink filling dish or beautiful boiling water only, protect you to eat more beautiful more. 1 .   of jujube of sweet juice earthnut suits beautiful eyebrow: The complexion that because enrage blood,be not worth and causes is cadaverous. Make a way: Red jujube 100 gram, pignut 100 gram, water is added in bowl is being put after lukewarm bleb right amount, small fire is boiled ripe soft, add honey again 200 gram, to juice sticky stiff cease-fire, boiler of usable also high pressure boils 30 minutes or so, honey can be waited for boiler is entered after pignut, red jujube is ripe. Red jujube filling gas, earthnut garment enrichs the blood, earthnut flesh is moist, honey filling gas. Integrated become effective makes complexion ruddy. 2. Chestnut stews Chinese cabbage   to suit beautiful eyebrow: The complexion that because kidney enrages inadequacy,causes is dim. Make a way: Unripe chestnut 200 gram, hull, cut two half, with duck soup right amount cook over a slow fire comes squashy, put Chinese cabbage again 200 gram, a few of salt, gourmet powder, gorgon euryale is ticked off after Chinese cabbage is ripe. Filling empty of duck method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, chestnut be good at lienal filling kidney, moisten the respiratory tract of Chinese cabbage filling shade. Integrated become effective makes complexion Bai Xi bright. If the   of medicinal food sweetmeats that hairdressing satisfies a craving for delicious food again says the medicinal food is made too troublesome, simple hairdressing congee flavour satisfies a craving for delicious food not quite again, so, affirmation of sweetmeats of good olfactory medicinal food can be loved piggishly by these beautiful beautiful eyebrow is accepted. The medicinal food sweetmeats that person of 3 special court loves is recommended below, during making you OK have a holiday in the Spring Festival, oneself start work him reward with food and drink. 1 . Xue Er stews papaya   raw material: Xue Er 1 of 25 gram, Chinese flowering quince, boreal apricot 15 gram, Na Xing 20 gram, rock candy is right amount. Method: Use Xue Er clear water dip to be sent fully, papaya flay, seed, cut small, south, boreal apricot flay, the makings on along with puts the handleless cup that stew together inside, add right amount rock candy and water of right amount scram, handleless cup lid is stewed on the lid, put bowl inside, lie between water to stew to material tasty, can edible. Effect: Lung of the embellish that raise shade, moist raise colour, prevent furrow and skin coarse. 2. Raw material of   of a thick soup of ginkgo of lily red jujube: Lily is 50 gram, red jujube 10, ginkgo 50 gram, beef 300 gram, ginger two, saline a few. Method: Will fresh beef is used roll bath clean, cut chip. Ginkgo hull, go with leach outer and filmy. Lily, red jujube and ginger are abluent, red jujube goes nucleus, ginger flay. Cover with tiles right amount clear water is added inside Bao, lily, red jujube, ginkgo and ginger are put after be being burned piece, come with Bao of medium baking temperature lily will be ripe, join beef, continue Bao comes beef is ripe, a few that add salt is fed namely. Effect: Enrich the blood raise shade, remove gloomy facial expression, reproduce beautiful appearance, not mixed up flour and syrup is beautiful also. The courtyard of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine that each district of   of courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of ▲ of   of   of guideline of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine seeing a doctor has aptitude of 3 stage shell all but. In the hospital, the division of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of experience is recuperated besides what help you undertake a decoction of medicinal ingredients, still can be aimed at a case to undertake corresponding acupuncture, massage wait for cure, inside and outside of in an attempt to is united in wedlock, excelsior. The dermatological department of some hospitals still began Chinese traditional medicine the business of hairdressing, with professional recipe help you defy whelk, Huang Heban, skin is gloomy etc. Need a few yuan to be able to get professional skin nurses only. Registration is more troublesome, can purchase to make an appointment beforehand card, carry phone send by registered mail, spare time. Avoid by all means drops medical service to the private clinic chaos that does not have license plate, otherwise not only cannot hairdressing, still perhaps can eat a problem to come. It is solid that the expert hints     ▲ is empty should be diagnosed by the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, must not proper motion absurd is broken, cannot take square make up a prescription of Chinese herbal medicine casually more. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine must seek advice before above a decoction of medicinal ingredients and medicinal food are used, ability medicine goes to appearance beauty. Ironware of avoid of ▲ Chinese traditional medicine, reason is saved, the attention answers when taking. When ▲ takes Chinese traditional medicine, have fear fat, avoid is huffish wait for all sorts of corresponding contraindication, need abides by ability strictly to produce medical effect.
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