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Photon tender skin of have no alternative painful

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: Photon tender skin
20 centuries 90 time end, a scientist of foreign discovered the powerful effect that photon technique goes knitting accidentally, report photon has the effect such as purify pigment spot in succession later, opened smooth motivation therapeutics to treat the new page of the respect in skin hairdressing. Turn over newspaper nowadays, the advertisement of photon tender skin blots out the sky and cover up the earth and come, as if it is the Palladium with beautiful omnipotent appearance. In rejoice hairdressing much of a new option, love beautiful people to be able to know, is what photon tender skin also has its have no other way painful -- Huang Heban? Respecting photon tender skin, a lot of people feel very mysterious, actually it is a kind of smooth motivation therapeutics, its principle basically is to produce a kind of successive strong pulse material -- photon, action produces smooth hot action and actinic effect at skin organization: Make the collagen fiber of deep and bounce fiber are arranged afresh on one hand, regain flexibility, make hematic tubing function increases at the same time, circular improvement, make facial skin furrow is eliminated or be reduced, pore is contractible; On the other hand, the photon of strong pulse can penetrate the skin, the pigment group in be being organized and its blood-vessel are alternative preferential absorb, destroying normal cutaneous premise to fall, make blood caky, pigment group and pigment cell are destroyed, decompose, achieve the result that treats spot of blood capillary dilate, pigment thereby. Be worth what carry is photon has good smooth heat separative, simple for it is photon alternative to needing destroyed organization to have, it can action is organized at target, make its draw heat energy and be destroyed, do not organize normally all round injury however. The skin ageing that therapeutics of this kind of smooth motivation brings about to sunshine illuminate place, pigment bazoo of broken bits of ad cool-headed, splash, fleck and dilate of facial blood capillary, wine have favorable remedial effect, get of broad personage love the United States love. Saw above introduction. Everybody may wondering: Huang Heban also is pigment spot, why is our strong weapon helpless however? This is told from Huang Heban's pathogeny even case. Common Huang Heban sees Yu Zhongqing more year female, be pregnant especially, the woman that gave birth to the child, what expression is facial symmetry is cinnamon a pigment of shape is ad cool-headed, accordingly, very much married woman fell an aggravating appellation, " yellow face mother-in-law " . The cause that causes Huang Heban but not simple, a variety of elements can be brought about or cause Huang Heban. It has close relationship with phyletic, heredity, in alive bound limits, huang Heban sees more artificially with the yellow race, have familial history, the person of heredity history is sent more. It is solar that its send ill mechanism when illuminate is facial, the ultraviolet action in sunshine at cutaneous melanin cell, activation its function, the generation of nigrify pigment is overmuch, deposit the base layer at skin skin, bring about spot of skin occurrence pigment. Additional, the synthesis that the action of estrogen, progestational hormone can promote melanin, have a change of luck and secrete. Accordingly, in daily life, prophylactic of intense solar illuminate, profess to convinced, be like natrium of Tuo Ying of hibernant spirit, benzene to wait with certain pharmaceuticals, and be pregnant, childbirth, endocrine all may bring about Huang Heban mussily. In the meantime, in a few people, if chronic hepatitis, Jia Kang, n/med tuberculosis, chronic alcoholism reachs the patient such as tumor,contract chronic disease, because these diseases disturb endocrine metabolization for a long time, can bring about Huang Heban likewise form. Be worth what carry is, in recent years the endocrine with consider to behave the undesirable mood such as long-term insecurity, depression to also can disturb badly normal, it is Huang Heban lasts not one of main reasons of disappear. This shows, huang Heban also is not a female merely " patent " , also can become like the male " yellow face is public " . Be based on above reason, as long as these elements are long-standing, the metabolization that can cause melanin lasts disorder, melanin in facial cutaneous excessive deposit is eliminated hard. Pure application photon is so tender the method of skin, can make the melanin cell provisionality in the skin is destroyed only, deposit melanin provisionality subsidise. Below the action of afore-mentioned elements, melanin cell again proliferous, secrete melanin, bring about pigment spot to appear afresh. And be below the stimulative effect of this kind of photon, some patients can appear even hyperfunction of melanin cell function, bring about pigment ad cool-headed before comparing remedy more very. This shows, although the occurrence of photon tender skin brought good news to love beautiful people more very much, be not however all-purpose. Offer a piece of advice the Ying Shen when the friend that has Huang Heban applies it weighs a consideration. Huang Heban's cure is a difficult problem all the time, proposal patient sees a doctor to the hospital examination, look because where,see a doctor, if chronic hepatitis patient can have Huang Heban; It have what inducement is OK to have what inducement purify, if avoid solar insolate. Be aimed at pathogeny cure, if adjust endocrine, nourishing liver kidney, invigorate the circulation of blood changes silt; Cooperate external use shading agent, decolorant, often have certain effect.
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