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Fortnight specially good effect treats black head way

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: Remove black head
Black head is content of sclerotic grease block, appear in facial forehead and nose place normally, be stimulated overly when grease gland, when pore is full of redundant grease and creating block, in nose place, connect regular meeting to have fat feeling, and these grease are met finally sclerotic, it is black bit via oxidation epigenesis, these bit namely the grease block thing that people calls black head. A lot of people love to use soap and hot bath face, soap contains intense alkalescent part, still a few people love constant evaporate face, or love uses the intense and convergent water that contains alcohol component, they think to be able to reduce facial ministry so oleaginous; Nurturance uses fingernail or more a few people already squashed implement the habit that will push black head, these are very wrong treatment methods, because exorbitant is exciting,the skin can make grease gland secretes more grease only. You can envisage fruit of an oil palm, loosen after we are squeezed, it can discharge more oil, and extruding also can make young and delicate skin leaves shag aperture and scar. We will introduce a kind of use bate, method that dissolves balance and contractive essence pore to you below namely " fortnight specially good effect treats black head way. "   one, beauty parlour gives black head treatment: 1, makeup breast discharge divides discharge of plant eye ministry eye ministry makes up. 2, the plant is oily clean skin breast washs facial ministry appropriately or discharge makes up except facial ministry. 3, lotion of skin of plant PH clean is double and clean. 4, breast of black head bate wipes the plant to be in in black head gently, next evaporate face 10 minutes, suck sip instrument with vacuum, sip takes the black head that already got bate. 5, plant shag Kong Yan worries film and black head efficiency adjustment water mixes even, apply is in 10 minutes in black head. Knead gently with finger move, next abluent. 6, element of elite of black head block brushs the plant to use ionic phone 6 minutes in black head place. 7, in plant of smear of black head place black head dissolves frost. 2, the family nurses     1, breast of bate of plant black head: Change benign plant recipe, make the skin easier clean, help bate black head, apply is in 10-15 at black head minute, abluent, 2-3 of average patient a week second, serious illness is used every day. 2, plant black head dissolves water: Dissolve grease block very effective, help bate and dissolve redundant grease, dissolve this water to fall in cotton piece on, stick in nose or chin place 10-15 next the bathe after minute is clean, serious illness is weekly 3, light person 1, must multi-purpose water gently abluent. 3, shag aperture adjusts water: Special plant elite, suit oily, mixture sex and problem skin, use after clean skin. 4, elite of block of plant black head: Dissolve black head, acne, use adjust water hind is right amount brush be in in black head. 5, plant black head dissolves frost: Particularly effective to skin of black head, acne, dark sore, can bate disinfects the skin, have to papule remove effect, with what dissolve the method won't destroy skin collagen, won't cause shag aperture and scar. Generally speaking, through above cure, black head problem can get settlement oneself.
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