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Bath protects Chinese traditional medicine skin dispel is ill

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With Chinese traditional medicine bath, handy and practical, to treating a disease health care has fair value. Here introduces a few kinds of recipes of dipping of appropriate Xia Qiu: Infant prickly heat: Honeysuckle 10 grams, Forsythia suspensa 30 grams, decoct takes 2 juice to fall into tub, add Wen Shui 3 ~ 4 basins, make water warm in 35 ~ 40 ℃ . Let an infant wash bath, immerse 30 minutes every time, potion medicine can wash bath 2 times. Body odor: With lotus leaf, wrinkled giant hyssop, Qing Hao each 30 grams, decoct takes 2 juice, fall into tub, add Wen Shui right amount wash bath, brush two side with medical fluid apply at the same time axillary. Lie between a day to wash bath 1 times, every time 30 minutes, can be reduced or remove an underarm odour. Skin cultivate: With rose, jasmine flower, medlar right amount, one dock-glass (about 500 milliliter) medical tea-leaf child take out, fall into tub, add bath bath, everyday 1, can make woman skin tender and lubricant, in the meantime, still can prevent summerly fall skin disease. Joint is aching: With towel gourd sth resembling a net, chiliad be good at, the skin of sea wind cane, Sang Zhi, slender acanthopanax, grass that show character, giant knotweed each 12 grams, suffer take 2 juice, fall into tub, add hot water to can immersion affected part is degree. Water is warm should maintain in 45 ~ 50 ℃ are controlled, wash bath 1 times everyday, every time dip wash one's hair brushs bath 30 minutes. Law of this one party applies to the small of the back and the rheumatism constellation of each big joint to hurt ache. Adult eczema or sore poison: Skin of the ginseng that use suffering, white moss, mother chrysanthemum each 30 grams, bed of Huang Bai, snake child each 15 grams, decoct takes 2 juice, fall into tub, add Wen Shui to can macerate affected part is degree, in water Wen Kuo, wash bath 1 times everyday, immerse 30 minutes every time. If be woman vagina trichomonad or vulva ulcer, wind of man scrotum a ball made of strips of silk is anal perhaps wet urticant, also can use this local fume wash or hip bath.

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