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Except knit do not stare at beauty parlour only

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Theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, human body the vital organs of the human body, whole body 12 passages through which vital energy circulates, " go up all at the face " , the person has what kind of healthy state, face has what kind of intuitionistic reaction, direct expression is on the ruffle of facial ministry, colour and lustre. A lot of females discover to furrow appears on the face, or it is furrow increases a long time apparently, what think of above all is to go to beauty parlour undertaking be dividinged variously knitting an operation. But director of center of consultation of disease of difficulty of the wide hospital that install the gate Doctor Gaoronglin reminds academy of Chinese traditional Chinese medical science people, occurrence furrow is not anile expression certainly, also may be the immediate reaction of certain disease inside the body. With kidney empty for instance related menstruation does not move the disease that reachs side of certain department of gynaecology, can cause the skin grow in quantity of coarse, lacklustre, furrow, this and natural consenescence did not concern directly. But the woman that does not tell the reason can sigh with emotion: Often get really fast. Once get,cure in time when the disease actually, health gets resumptive, "Anile " change is met again the changeover like the miracle. Be like the chip in of female damp and hot that place of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says again, namely the leucorrhoea increase that the inflammation such as pelvic infection, vaginitis causes, ropy, discrepant flavour, frequent micturition, urgent, painful, next bellyacke, lumbago, often cause the change of face, eliminate occurrence speck piece with acne besides, it is canthus, forehead and facial furrow grow in quantity, if both neither of this kind of circumstance sees a doctor in time, delay first-rate cure time on hairdressing again, illness of bungle of hard to avoid. Have the person of sleep-disorder, grow in quantity of easy also furrow. Because the action of Morpheus is quite sweeping, it can fill kidney, be good at lienal, with liver of stomach, easy, so these internal organs of the body if period of time or cannot get very good rest for a long time from inside Morpheus, natural " go up all at the face " . Undesirable dietary habit also can appear prematurely with furrow about, because of theory of facial and attributive traditional Chinese medical science " Yang Ming " , namely gastric arteries and veins. Pass for a long time full, can cause sluggish of gloomy of taste passages through which vital energy circulates, bring about indigestion, affect face thereby. The summer is excessive corrupt cool water is cold, affect digestive function of the stomach, excessive feed hot, appear " fervent above " , make the skin coarse, not moist, the likelihood makes furrow grow in quantity. Still have, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks the skin of face is blood relying on gas is alimentary, if enrage blood,be not worth so, perhaps enrage blood to have gloomy sluggish, on the face appear easily also furrow.
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