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: Protect skin
Menstruation is the sign with female physiology peculiar place. In daily life, often some of person produces very big change in menstruation skin. Main show is the skin fat, pore is bulky, occurrence sporadic acne, acne reachs folliculitis, skin blood capillary is apparent, eye socket occurrence black halo is waited a moment. Arrived every months this special period, how should undertake cutaneous nurses? Because the hormone inside menses body produced a change, wave motion of corpus luteum ketone is bigger, cutaneous secretes grow in quantity for blood and leather fat, caused the skin fat with blood capillary dilate, the skin becomes very sensitive, resistance is reduced, so bursa of occurrence rash, wool is affected. If this period Morpheus is insufficient, excessive fatigue, can be in brief pigment appears all round the eye ad cool-headed, after these change to pass in period normally can disappear naturally. 9 days are in before period, because suffer inside body,affect hormonally, it is the skin or hair no matter, the exudation of sebaceous glands can be compared exuberant, bring about grease overmuch, hair oil is heavier, skin loses transparent sense, and easy long acne, so at this moment the program that protect skin and protect skin to taste should decrease a few. Clean skin things had better have go oily action, in grease more T word place can besmear one balances element of grease excretive elite more, or the medicaments that lets a doctor open some of small dose in a week, in order to adjust hormonal balance. If discover these days grease is particularly exuberant, concern with respect to Lv of take an examination and period, should change what oneself use to maintain then article. Additional, when menstruation comes. The mood also can become grave, or cause constipation, skin easily coarse wait for a phenomenon. Leather fat is secreted exuberant not only can bring about stoma of wool of leather fat block, form Mai Laning pigment easily at the same time, nigrify stain increases in great quantities. Skin of this paragraph of time suffers ultraviolet effect easily, because this is prevented,bask in, it is important all the more to go to spot and beauty working in vain to also appear. In menstruation, want to notice to rest, assure enough sleep. Skin of cleanness of warm water of every daily expense 2, 3, use a few clean frostlike powder appropriately, in order to prevent cutaneous infection. Because period cutaneous sensitivity increases, appear easily allergic reaction, should avoid to use overmuch cosmetic so, use what cause allergic reaction not easily as far as possible, or the cosmetic that had been used at ordinary times and reacts without allergy. Answer to massage the skin appropriately, in order to improve cutaneous blood circulates all round eye socket, eliminate black rim of the eye. The color because of period not beautiful, so more cannot oversight colour makeup. Powdery bottom should enhance powdery tender result, lipstick can choose the pink such as tangerine of pink, pink to move, such meetings let color appear ruddier, invigorative. Traitorous, callous colour can allow facial expression more show gaunt, unfavorable in this paragraph during use. Additional, the meeting in period body has peculiar smell, want to strengthen cleanness, when go by best one day bathes twice. Period is unfavorable dip bath, because dip bath makes easily,sewage enters the vagina and cause a bacterium. Period private parts suffers fine mattress infection the most easily to fall ill, it is very important that so the cleanness during this nurses. Want to use vagina of cleanness of fluid of acidity clean skin. The vaginal soda acid of ferial female (PH) value is about 3 to 5, the vagina of summary acid, prevent a bacterium effectively to grow, but the vagina can slant during go by alkalescent, should use acid-base value right now for 3. The clean skin fluid of 5. Menstruation should be absorbed abound and balanced diet, water more, with the nutrition inside additional system and hematic capacity, need to carry stable mood and good mental state at the same time, change in order to reduce menstruation cutaneous. In 10 days after period ends, it is the period that hormone of the female inside body secretes Jing Wangcheng, also be skin metabolism the fastest, absorb when nutrient is best, might as well clutch these 10 days, give skin more deep-seated moist, bold use high quality nourishment, what skin in order to increase is moist with smooth. The skin rejuvenesce ability with mature qualitative skin is abate already, what need to use exciting bounce fiber to generate more is special maintain article will maintain. Can use low excitant massage is tasted, make skin forms natural diaphragm, precautionary skin is dry. The person of oily skin, the importance of apply face more excel massage, this period should more Shen Xuanbao is raised article, the skin that cooperates oneself does proper adjustment character.
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