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Raise medicinal food of Yan Hufu sealwort

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: The medicinal food raises Yan Hufu
Raw material: Pig upper part of a leg of pork 1 (weigh 750 grams) about, sealwort 20 grams, dangshen 15 grams, big jujube 12, green paragraph, starch of Jiang Pian, soy, refined salt, white sugar, gourmet powder, water, peanut oil each are right amount. Make a way: 1. Blow pig upper part of a leg of pork wash clean, iron into boiling water boiler, fish out lukewarm bath is clean, accuse to go moisture, wipe on soy and white sugar. The section after sealwort, dangshen is abluent, with clean gauze the bag has two flavour Chinese traditional medicine, plunge into shut up, officinal bag. Dust of big jujube scour off, go nucleus. 2. Peanut oil is added inside boiler, the baked wheaten cake in using comes 6, 7 into heat, put pig ancon blast to become purplish red look, fish out accuses oil. 3. A few oil takes inside boiler, with green paragraph, Jiang Pian explodes boiler, put white sugar to fry change, boil enters soy, add bag of ancon of clear water, pig, medicine, big jujube, refined salt, with boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake, cast aside go float foam, convert small baked wheaten cake 2 hours, when the flesh that wait for ancon is know sth thoroughly, fish out is installed dish. 4. Medical bag, green is chosen inside former soup paragraph, Jiang Pian does not want, add gourmet powder to flavor, drench water starch ticks off smooth Gorgon euryale, equably will former soup is irrigated in dish inside become namely on pig ancon. Effect: " a book on Chinese medicine anew " think, pork has human body of embellish intestines and stomach, unripe seminal fluid, abundant, lustre the action such as the skin. Dangshen has and the taste, effect that removes small empty of irritated thirsty, attune. Sealwort has how lungs of heart of the five internal organs, embellish, fill marrow, help the action such as bones and muscles. Big jujube has color of delay shade blood, unripe body fluid, Yue to wait for action.

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