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Prevent and treat method of black rim of the eye

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: Black rim of the eye
1. The Morpheus that keeps enough and lie on his back correctly sleep appearance, surpass a variety of nursing method. 2. Correct undesirable dietary habit, had not absorbed salty food and excitant too big food, do not smoke too much, drink. 3. Treat the chronic disease of an existence in time, strengthen nutrition, proper and compensatory vitaminic C, A, E. 4. Acupuncture point massages: Because blood circulates,black rim of the eye is not beautiful and cause, acupuncture point is massaged conduce to arteries and veins of get through blood; On the besmear on eye periderm skin eye ministry massages frost of nutrition of frost or eye ministry. Press with ring finger press boy deserted (be in in eye end) , after the ball (1/3 of next orbit China and foreign countries are in) , 4 white (next orbit are medium inside 1/3 is in) , eyeball bright (inside the upper part inside horn of corner of the eye) , piscine waist (in the middle of eyebrow) , greet sweet, every point is pressed after pressing 3-5 second, loosen, do 10 times continuously. With middle finger and ring finger (middle finger is put in on palpebral, ring finger is put in next eyelid) gently by inside outward corner of the eye pulls corner of the eye gently massage, successive 10. With week of eye of flick of finger tip of forefinger, middle finger, ring finger, 3-5 circle. 5. Gentle hot compress -- stimulative blood of hot compress conduce circulates, the immerge of cotton qualitative towel that uses softness twists the shop after working in tepid clear water going up on eyelid, relapse 2- - 3; Water is warm cannot too hot, because palpebral skin is very thin, overheat apply can make the skin flabby, corrugate. 6. Complete remove stage makeup and costume -- if you often make up, must use eye department for a special purpose fluid shape latex is cleared eye makeup, especially look line and eyelash fluid, the pigment that does not let cosmetic is permeated get together in eyelid, otherwise the eye is looked like bound a black group, should use eye department at ordinary times special cosmetic, not OK and facial cosmetic replaces     7, if already formed black rim of the eye, usable make up will conceal: (1) is on the face of bottom of Tu Hao pink, pat a bit more shallow than the skin screen free time to cream gently with ring finger needle, wipe divide evenly. (2) is used make up brush sweep on transparent powder, such more firm, abiding. (3) is in after eyebrow bone on 1/3 place besmear buff, can increase the expression of the eye. (The eye picture that 4) chooses middle color to fasten is brushed lightly on, if the skin is whiter person usable gray; Slant Huangshi is usable flaxen; And pink and purple eye shadow can emphasize black rim of the eye only, cannot choose. (5) draws look line only, if want to decorate an eye model, the pen of line of flat head look that also can use carbolic gray only gently draw one draw. Through such decorating, settle on of your black rim of the eye is raised too won't apparent.
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