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Eye all around go knitting pragmatic way

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: The eye is divided knit
The skin all around contains the eye only a few adipose, and eyelid is the skin with the lightest human body, very flimsy, yi Shui is swollen, grow a furrow very easily, and ceaseless as the growth of the age deepen. To prevent or defer the happening of eye week furrow, introduce method of a few health care now. One, must the bad behavior with daily drop is used to   such as: Do not want eye of narrow one's eyes to see a thing, if have myopic, astigmatism,should adorn glasses, correct faces up to force; Often do not blink painstakingly; Cannot ignore eyelid dropsy, want to check the pathogeny, suit the remedy to the case; If reduce weight,want advance gradually form, because weight drops abruptly, the skin suits without enough time decrease adiposely inside body, also can cause furrow; Make up tug does not want to pull the skin when discharge makeup; Should complement in time in dry environment moisture, otherwise furrow also is met grow in quantity. 2, aggrandizement eye ministry all around skin   often can do eye ministry exercise, for instance as far as possible pie-eyed, continuously a few seconds are planted; Close double key point slowly, when be about to contact to fluctuation eyelid, open again, the movement wants alleviation, repeat 5 times continuously, one day can be counted second. 3,   of moisture of ministry of additional key point must furnish the moisture that enough nutrient and complement lose, choosing appropriate eye frost also is an important segment. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad scribble of the avoid by all means when besmear eye frost is wiped, accurate method is: Touch frost of a few eye with ring finger above all, the ring finger that uses another hand opens eye frost divide evenly, gently " print " in eyelid all around, massage in order to make a way finally 5 come 6 times can.

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