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The vitamin nurses in the skin medium action

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The vitamin is in in recent years hairdressing bound is to give limelight really, not only the hairdressing " that popular " eats, cosmetic company is more laid the view this already traditional original fair part.
Human body needs a vitamin, everybody knows this. The scientist's research discovers, dimension 5 pen element are concerning not only healthy, and the health with skin, hair also is the relationship is close. For example vitamin C is oxidant of bacteriophage of a kind of first-rate, act important role to the formation of collagen, once lack vitamin C, appear easily pigment the problem such as ad cool-headed, fleck; Vitamin E is more strong effective antibiotic oxidant, can resist skin of free radical enroach on, antagonism ageing; Vitamin A can protect epithelial tissue, if lack can make the skin dry, corneous metabolization is wrong, and bring corneous accumulation fleshy, color of skin is dark sunken luster.
Will tell commonly, human body oneself can not make a vitamin, can absorb from inside food only, but after making food of much vitamin nutrition be absorbed by human body not can immediate effect at skin, and the method that uses paint, may list quite produce effect on skin forthrightly.
The cosmetologist tells us, vitamin cent is water-solubility and fat dissolve sex, belong to water-solubility like vitamin C, and E of vitamin A, vitamin belongs to fat dissolve sex. Nevertheless, be added to enter when these vitamins in protecting skin to taste mixture of this kind of grease when, to ensure its stability and effectiveness, do not send to skin even cause stimulation, most vitamin should be made the configuration of derivative, next a few significant live thing change repass technology, let him gradually reductive into originally vitamin form, final skin talent is quite real, be absorbed thoroughly and use the vitamin in the product.
The member of vitamin E is older, direct daub is being sucked to get skin bottom without method on the skin. Need uses different method to carry, it produces the effect that protects skin basically is to pass food and drink. The food that contains vitamin E has dish of wheat bud, legume, spinach, egg, wild cabbage to wait. If want compensatory vitamin E, eating effect is better than the effect of put on the skin. According to it is OK to use the food that contains a lot ofvitamin E by inside and outside fight oxidation, arrive to defer old end in the round to the expression outside the skin from body interior.
Vitamin C should be used all the year round, effect win universal praise, can answering to go up is the skin that everybody needs maintains must element. Vitamin C must live in weak acid, effect ability good play, development goes now a lot of contain those who compare stable vitamin C to protect skin to taste, go up in skin till besmear, can carry good efficiency.
Vitamin C part is added in protecting skin to taste, because it can help skin resist,be ultraviolet enroach on avoids generation of shading, fleck, and be thought to have beautiful white effect extremely. The skin after summer can prevent insolation is damaged, stimulative metabolism, let the melanin eduction that already formed, desalt stain. Arrived Qiu Dong, it can change the dark heavy appearance that skin becomes poor circularly because of blood and appears. Still can help skin chain necessary water is divided, the desquamate that because evaporate too much,avoid and causes and stretch tight closely, strengthen skin the ability of enroach on of counteractive and ab extra pollution, avoid the skin tired, sallow malformation. Use vitamin C continuously kind protect skin to taste, the collagen albumen that can conduce to dermal layer is proliferous, make skin looks bouncy not flabby.
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