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How is shade handled when the minister is pedicular

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Pedicular differ because of parasitism place and configuration, cent is cootie of head louse, garment and crab louse. Crab louse is parasitism is in a kind on pubic hair pedicular, be one kind arthropod, live parasitism life. Happy event of crab louse photophobia is dark, chang Tiefu is in skin surface or the claw hug that use it at pubic hair below paragraph, it is very sensitive to temperature and humidity. Grey yellow is seen in skin surface and ministry of pubic hair root small-scale cootie egg, after making an appointment with 13 ~ 17 days, become pedicular. Crab louse sucks person blood with mouthparts, the edge sucks an edge to release venom, cause drama of pubic hair place to itch with inflammation.

Crab louse disease is mostly carelessly sanitation causes, infect directly by coital behavior more, husband and wife often suffers from together, of course also medical contacts is infected.

Cure and processing: Above all shave drops pubic hair, pubic hair burn down. Swing 5 % Bai Jiang mercury ointment or 1 brush pubic hair place outside alcohol of % mercuric chloride, everyday 1 second. Or with Chinese traditional medicine the tuber of stemona 50 gram, immerse at 75 % alcohol inside 100 milliliter, outside steep is being taken after 2 days, brush; Or with Chinese traditional medicine the tuber of stemona 30 gram, silver-colored almond joins 60 gram, plain any of several hot spice plants 20 grams, painstakingly bed of 30 gram, snake child 30 gram decoct washs 30 gram, Ai Xie after Shui Xianxun, everyday 1 agent, further consultation with a doctor of 3 Queen of heaven. Husband and wife wants to be treated at the same time, the garment, pants, by, cotton-padded mattress all applies hot bath to iron or boil is eliminated pedicular.


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