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Good hair at around the dermatosis of 2 shade

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What 2 shade point to around is external genital organs and anus all round, the skin of these place is thin tender, color deeper, subcutaneous tissue is loose, distributing rich dissociate feels nerve ending, also include division of divide with a hyphen at the end of a line of the skin and the mucous membrane such as the penis, wrapping, glans, labium, clitoris at the same time. Clinical and superior hair at around the dermatosis of 2 shade has many, have commonly:

Bleb of genital of sex of proctitis of anus of sex of vaginitis of bleb sex vulva, bleb, recrudesce, acuteness is wet wart, Baowenyang is papule disease, venereal the gender is lymphatic granulation is swollen, disease of urethritis of sex of gonococcus of dermatitis of sex of clap, gonococcus, blame, Lei Te, ulcer.

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