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Corn and chrysalis family remedy

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Corn and chrysalis
Corn is be chafed by foot and shoe or even place of each other attrition causes the bone of adjacent of the photograph inside the foot. Thick chrysalis is the ego safeguard that the body avoids pressure. Jump over when pressure big, chrysalis will be thicker and thicker. If produce a hard nucleus, it is corn. Chrysalis has been close friends it seems that than corn a few, because corn can make you very afflictive. Must not cut with bit, scissors or other and acerb appliance except thick chrysalis or clavus. You teach below a few moist the method that reachs bate.
Domestic remedy
● uses brine acetanilide
If your foot aches because of corn, ding reachs its immerge salt the solution that lukewarm bleb becomes, ache in order to alleviate. Do not fill in the foot again person closely shoe, otherwise corn will be more aching.
● overflows tea of chrysanthemum of bubble foreign of one's own accord
You are OK when the tea of chrysanthemum of foreign of one's own accord with the crural very weak immerge that will grow a lot of thick chrysalis, bate of this kind of tea party is crustaceous. Although this tea be soiled can be infected with sufficient ministry, but usable soap and clear water easily purify.
● is ground except thick chrysalis
Will count in the hot water with crural comfortable immerge minute. Next, with appropriative the file that grind chrysalis is ground gently have a department, surface layer crustaceous grind. Hand frost is protected on besmear then, the help is decomposed crustaceous. If you have serious thick chrysalis, should regard this job as everyday routine general affairs, make after bath.
● uses 5 aspirin
5 ~ 6 aspirin wear is pulverous, mediate this powder with half teaspoon water and half teaspoon lemon juice mushy, besmear next the thick chrysalis place on the foot, again with polybag ring foot, put lukewarm towel next. The action Ding that polybag adds lukewarm towel makes medicaments development good chrysalis, sit quietly at least 10 minutes. Next unlock covering, have a department with pumiceous attrition, the crustaceous cell that those dying should flake very easily.
● check erroneous ideas at the outset
Just appeared when corn when rudiment, answer to take action instantly. Although your clavus is only gradually sclerotic small circle, ache a little only or impassible. You should instantly with lanolin gently Xuan rub, convert corn with Zhi, reduce its oppressive feeling.
● with soft mat be apart
Because soft clavus is,because of the bone in photograph adjacent toe each other chafe be caused by, accordingly you put a soft pad at foot, in order to separate them.
● is enclothed have a department
small gauze or pledget lid are in suffer from a ministry to go up, again Fu an adhesive plaster of thin cotton qualitative twill. When Morpheus and bath, get off this covering, breathe freely with benefit skin, also avoid to collect overmuch hydrosphere. When rubberized fabric of your eliminate cotton, be sure to the skin of take up sole, pull open to calcaneal direction slowly. If you are pulled open quickly, or pull open in order to return way, the likelihood pulls the skin broken.
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