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The expert points out teenage face-lifting Ying Shen is heavy

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The summer vacation that just ends this year, guangzhou college of medicine the doctor of plastic surgery of the first accessary hospital is busy all the more, besides a few usual adult case, still examined the big, high school student of hairdressing of plastics of many 30 requirement.

Wang Su of director of plastic surgery of the first accessary hospital gives birth to wide medical service say, surprise besides student number much outside, summer vacation time still appeared this year low age change, before the parent is accompanied personally, go to and taking star photograph to ask to press " according to " the new phenomenon such as face-lifting.

Wang Su is unripe say, come round to ask the adolescent of face-lifting is medium, 70% to 80% be to hope to cut double-fold eyelid and grand bazoo, also the part asks pair of lip form, camber undertakes nap. He once had recieved a schoolgirl of 14 years old, accompany by mom come over together, saying is to want to change single-edged eyelid into double-fold eyelid, was not examined finally. Wang Su is unripe say, plastic hairdressing needs to have a stable psychology, little girl has 14 years old only, as the growth of the age, she is mixed to beautiful understanding angle understanding arrangement also will produce change ceaselessly, and still lie in body development process, it is unsuited of applying face-lifting.

Wang Su is born to say to the reporter, although there is the age limitation of plastics of exact specification hairdressing on medical schoolbook, but 16 years old of above that we think at least wants to be able to get id card. He emphasizes finally, face-lifting has sculpture sex, can leave certain brand and scar, anyhow, adolescent undertakes face-lifting must Shen Zhi careful.

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