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The dermatosis below burning sun

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Duration phlogistic summer, burning sun high above in the sky, no matter go out or outing, climb or paddle, our metropolis is longer bath is under sunshine. Everythings on earth grows rely on the sun, the sunshine with beautiful and bright nature can make popular feeling free from worries magical not only happy, the metabolism that still can promote human body and be beneficial to splanchnic functional activity. In skin respect, sunshine can increase sweat gland to secrete, outspread blood-vessel, help synthesizes vitamin D. The bronze-coloured skin after proper insolation but the appearance of beautification person, make the person appears strong and handsome.
But, the thing always is one divides into two. Excessive or the insolation of impropriety is adverse to the body. Pass prism to be able to see sun's rays has 7 kinds of color, namely red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, violet, it is to be visible light. Besides, sun's rays still includes ultraviolet ray and infrared ray. The ultraviolet action of different wavelengh differs at cutaneous deepness, wavelengh grows its penetration to heal more strong. Wavelengh the medium wave ultraviolet ray of 320 bicron of 290 ~ basically is absorbed by skin, can achieve dermal upside partly, can cause insolation injury and skin to be injured chronically, consenescence of ad cool-headed, skin retreats erythema of hair peltry skin, pigment travel sex changes, proliferous even canceration. The long wave ultraviolet ray of 400 bicron of 320 ~ can amount to wavelengh dermal, but action is mixed at blood-vessel other organization, to be taken orally photosensitive sex medicaments or food are sent quick hind, insolation can cause dermatitis of smooth abnormal reaction, this basically is concerned with long wave ultraviolet ray. The dermatosis that concerns with insolation has basically following 5 kinds:

One, intense sunlight is long the insolation injury that illuminate causes is long intense insolation can appear in the skin that shows position diffuse sexual erythema. It is first bright red, turn into gradually later dark red, can have burn or prick keenly feel. Light person 2 ~ takes off bits inside 3 days, bequeath brown pigment is ad cool-headed and more. The person that weigh can appear skin strut or blister. Precaution basically is below sunlight activity and working hours do not want too long, undertake outdoors job and sunbathe should keep away from the strongest while of solar illuminate (in the morning 10 when to afternoon 2 when) . A Tu Yi can be shown in face and limb before insolation some prevent bask in cream. Besmear vanishing cream can go up in the skin after insolation or sunbathe (can add 20 % castor oil or right amount condense vitamin A) or apply of pound of skin of the cucumber that use delicacy.

2, if worker of mariner, geological exploration, farmer, athlete waits to be like area of triangle of face, neck, bosom, limb to show the place skin such as the ministry in long-term insolation place,the skin that long-term and solar illuminate causes injures long-term insolation worker chronically often apparently dry, coarse, . Some people neck is hind skin fleshy, Pi Wen is deep-set, form a ministry lozenge skin. The skin ageing of old people becomes hail furrow, dry to mix like the skin pigment spot is more see at facial expose place with limb, also concern with long-term and solar illuminate.
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