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Sunshine has what effect to the skin

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"Everythings on earth grows rely on the sun " , sun's rays is the indispensable material that keeps activity of human body life. Influential to the skin is infrared ray and ultraviolet ray in sun's rays line, big to skin influence is ultraviolet ray. Ultraviolet ray is shortwave, medium wave and long wave according to its wavelengh cent again 3 kinds, among them only long wave and ultraviolet ray of partial medium wave can cross aerosphere illuminate to be opposite to the ground human body produces effect. It can activation melanin cell, stimulative melanin cell synthesizes melanin, make color of skin becomes deep, this is helpful for preventing sunlight to be injured to cutaneous.

The skin after illuminate of classics sun's rays becomes duskily and ruddy, it is the figure of a kind of healthy beauty. Ultraviolet ray still can promote the synthesis of D of the vitamin inside skin, vitamin D is divided outside can be being gotten from inside food, it is the illuminate action that carries ultraviolet ray for the most part, via the skin medium deoxidization cholesterol is changed and come. Vitamin D can promote the hair of skeletal tooth to fill, restrain the generation of skin erythema. Ultraviolet ray still has a few otherer action, if promote calcic phosphor metabolization, right neurological stimulation and excited action wait.

Afore-mentioned these are beneficial to human body effect. But if sunshine is excessive,insolate, can injure skin cell, light person occurrence erythema, the person that weigh produces oedema, necrotic even, yi Ke makes premature ageing.

The ultraviolet ray of excessive can make former fiber is decomposed before cutaneous with stretch fiber denaturation, make cutaneous tenacity and flexibility are reduced, furrow is deepened, color of skin is deepened, the consenescence such as occurrence senile plaque is behaved, aggravating Huang Heban, fleck, black change etc, some still can cause photosensitive sex dermatitis, this is one of accounts that produce skin cancer.

Accordingly, must notice to avoid excessive insolate, the worker outdoor or go out straw hat should be worn when travel, maintain parasol, in facial wait with limb expose place to brush prevent bask in water or frost, in order to protect the skin.

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