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Partiality for a particular kind of food can cause skin disease

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Children partiality for a particular kind of food not only the influence grows development, still can cause skin disease.

Take vitamin A for, it can adjust epithelial horn changes a course, when lack, divide outside can causing eye doing and nyctalopia, still can cause sebaceous glands and sweat gland atrophy, make the skin becomes dry, coarse, occurrence thorn pricks the wool bursa papula of shape or gooseflesh appearance, hair is sere, the skin is lacklustre, fingernail is alterable also fragile be out of shape. The skin disease that by vitamin A lack causes happens at habit of partiality for a particular kind of food, cookbook has the vegetable, children that does not have fat drably, less more. If the infant is long-term pure taste with old the metric system (like rice cake, congee) feed, add not in time again complementary feed, can cause vitamin A to absorb inadequacy. The food that contains a lot ofvitamin A has leaf of carrot, turnip, leek, green pepper, lettuce, banana, orange, corn, yam and animal liver to wait.

Vitamin B6 can promote skin light slippery moist, lack causes the skin constantly the change of the dermatitis of fat excessive sex such as aglow, grease and scurfy grow in quantity. When vitamin B2 is lacked, often produce quarrel glossitis, lip is phlogistic, phlogistic reach scrotum is phlogistic. Legume food, rice bran, shellfish, thin pork, egg kind in waiting for food with food crops food grains other than wheat and rice, contain rich B a group of things with common features vitamin.

When vitamin C is lacked, the child often is behaved bleed easily for mucous membrane of inappetence, anaemic, skin and gum. Nicotinic acid lack happens constantly " pellagra " . Vitamin C cannot be synthesized inside human body, not easy also keep in storage, reason must be absorbed from inside food. Its best origin is fresh vegetable and fruit, especially greenery vegetable, tomato, big jujube, orange, cauliflower.

If the adolescent of green development initial stage eats high adipose, high in syrup, hot food and the drink that contain coffee too much, easy cause or aggravating acne. Pure feed of the breast that use an ox, sheep breast, cause infantile eczema easily.

By go up visible, avoid and overcome habit of partiality for a particular kind of food, feed vegetable fruit and food crops food grains other than wheat and rice more, it is one of important step that prevent children skin disease.

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