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Remedial dermatosis brings about liver to damage

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The courtyard is added to digest division ward in hill cure, already two weeks of much patient Xu shake tell be in hospital the reporter, to treat skin prurigo, what he takes some dermatosis institute to open the drug that give to amount to one year continuously is long, although result dermatosis cured, but occurrence skin sends yellow, sclerotic Huang Ran, temperature to rise heighten of tall, transaminase, belong to serious medicaments sex liver to damage. Not come singly but in pairs, with him the middleaged patient of the 16 bed of photograph adjacent also has had what treat skin eczema 3 years to take medical history, eczema has not eradicate now, appear however the symptom such as serious sclerotic Huang Ran and transaminase heighten. Of dermatosis patient take medicine and its liver work have between damage why to concern? The cure that occupy hill adds a courtyard to digest the expert introduction of the division, certain fight allergy to medicine is taken for a long time or exceed dosage to take easy aggravating and hepatic responsibility, damage liver result. Put in individual otherness at the same time, the metropolis after patient of not all dermatosis takes drug brings about liver to damage. The expert reminds dermatosis patient, remedial dermatosis should go to normal hospital, cannot credulous advertisement of rude medical service; The dermatosis patient that takes drug for a long time must check liver work regularly, discovery changes prescription unusually in time.

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