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The diagnosis of polymorphous erythema reachs cure

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Polymorphous erythema
This disease is skin disease of acute inflammation sex, rash expression is polymorphous sex, often accompany mucous membrane to damage. The person that weigh has serious mucous membrane and splanchnic damage. The pathogeny is complex, it is with abnormal reaction common. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is called " wild goose sore " , " cat eye sore " .
[Clinical expression]
1. Rash shows polymorphous sex, begin to be erythema more, wind group, papula, tubercle or blister, purpura can appear to wait after. Erythema size as hyacinth bean or fingernail, color bright rainbow, the center is dark red or amaranthine, but mutual confluence. Center of some rainbow spot but subsidise, form cricoid, or occurrence jackknife blister, form if iris, have diagnostic sex quite.
2. Leather damage distributings symmetrically more at Zhi of brothers back, palm, neck of wrist ancon, genu, face reachs hip. Serious person extensive sends the whole body, but the mucous membrane such as drag in mouth, eye, external genital organs, occurrence mucous membrane red, debaucjed, ulcer.
3. Self-conscious Sao itchs or glowing feeling, constant companion has the systemic symptom that weight differs, be like tired, have a headache, calorific, arthralgia.
4. Course of diseases is light person 1, 2 weeks, zhou Fang of 3-4 of the person that weigh but subsidise. Often have seasonal recrudesce, see more with year season. This Yu Qing of ill good hair's teenager, see more with the female especially.
1. According to oedema sex polymorphous sex rash reachs good hair place, diagnose not hard commonly, if have rash of typical iris appearance, easier diagnose.
2, need to be differentiated with chilblain and urticaria, constant expression is chilblain spot of sex of dark purple oedema piece, border is not clear, and seldom be in place of palm Zhi oral cavity; Nettle rash is sent without calm place, happen reach subsidise is rapid, rash form is onefold wind group, do not have blister commonly, self-conscious drama is urticant.
1. Western medicine medicine is treated
(1) is light person buccal eye fights C of histamine medicine, calcic agent, vitamin, or LOml of 10 % sodium thiosulfate, vein injects, daily 1. Take into consideration the circumstances of the person that weigh uses coriaceous steroid hormone. Doubt has kitchen range of feeling catch a disease or antibiotic can apply at the same time when intercurrent bacterium infection.
(2) is local and general outside lotion of calamine of put on the skin. If have erosion ooze,fluid can use 3 shell. Wet apply of boric acid water.
2. Medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is treated
(The law is administered inside 1)
① chill bundle watch: Every break out at cold moisture, weather turns when to warming, be reduced or disappear, erythema shows wine. Skin temperature on the low side, can accompany aversion to cold, limb is cold, bellyacke, jalf congealed, bao Bai of coating on the tongue, delay of fill of arteries and veins.
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