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The diagnosis of rose branny rash reachs cure

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Rose branny rash
This disease is skin disease of a kind of common acute inflammation sex, the pathogeny may be concerned with virus infection.
[Clinical expression]
1. This ill year season sees more, prime of life of good hair Yu Qing. Before leather damage appears, partial patient has spend unwell, low heat gently, have a headache, articulatory muscle ache, local lymph node enlargement.
2. Leather damage begins to be the damask fastigium papula of millet bead size, dome and shuttle form turn into after, the expression when maturity is yellow gules elliptic macula, circle all round with upheaval of auroral bank account, macula surface has cricoid hoar bits of branny appearance scale, there is subtle furrow in the center of demon rash, the long axis of leather damage and leather grain are consistent.
3. The rash after classics 2-3 week stops to happen, last again after 2-3 week, gradually subsidise. Complete course of disease is common 6-8 week.
4. The patient has the urticant feeling that weight differs.
5. Rash good hair is carried nearly at trunk and limb, distributing symmetrically.
6. About 50 % - the patient of 70 % is in week of the 1-2 before systemic rash appears, appear first in the place such as bosom, abdomen, ham a bigger rash, the diameter is made an appointment with 3, 5 centimeters, call mother spot or precursory spot.
1. Place of configuration, good according to rash hair, rank a state, have be restricted oneself gender, general not the characteristic such as recrudesce, diagnose not hard.
2. Need to differentiate ringworm of the body to damage limits with ringworm of the body and silver-colored bits much relatively confine, the person that extensive is sent is general scarcer, the brim has papule or small blister, fungus checks masculine gender; Psoriasis is wine papula or macula, go up Fu is multilayer bits of silvery white scale, blow the bits that remove like the scales of a fish to see the haemorrhage that order state, good hair extends side at scalp and limb.
1. Western medicine medicine treats: With be being given priority to to disease processing, because of this disease but self-healing. Sao is urticant show authorial to be taken orally to fight C of histamine medicine, vitamin and calcic agent to wait.
Local medicaments stops with diminish inflammation urticant give priority to, can choose calamine of brimstone of 1 % camphor, 5 % lotion or a few use coriaceous hormone preparation, still can use erythema to measure or inferior erythema measures ultraviolet illuminate.
2. Medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats: This ill rash is lubricious reddish, itchy, often have be perturbed thirsty, bare of facilitating make water, glossal red liver mosses is yellow, hua Wei of bowstring of arteries and veins is counted. Inside the much heat that belong to blood accumulate,
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