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Why old people skin is drier and drier

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The child that sebaceous glands is secreted and excretes calls leather fat, it is a kind of mixture, contain a variety of fat among them kind material, basically have saturation reach ester of unsaturated dissociate fatty acid, glycerine kind, candle kind, sterol kind, spiny dogfish Xi and liquid olefin. Leather fat excretes skin surface, one part is adherent go up in hair, have the effect of moist hair; The moisture that reachs corneous layer eduction with sweat gland for the most part additionally and a variety of material form a kind to enclothe the aperture that expresses at body to convert fat qualitative film jointly, say the skin expresses fat qualitative film again, its action is lubricant skin, retain moisture, prevent the skin dry, chap.

The exudation of leather fat and excrete what think to suffer nerve endocrine commonly to control, wait for an element with racial, age, sexual distinction and temperature closely related. The skin shows gland is the target organ of spermary ketone, androgen can make hypertrophy of sebaceous glands hyperplasia, secrete an activity to increase, the exudation that many estrogen can restrain sebaceous glands activity. On the high side of adolescent androgen level, corpulent and sebaceous glands is so much leaf, leather fat is secreted the most exuberant, be in easily place of excessive of fat of low-necked of face, bosom is secreted as a result of leather fat overmuch and block pore forms acne. And the old people growth as the age, androgen especially spermary ketone level falls increasingly, sebaceous glands gradually atrophic, leather fat secretes an amount drop off, old people skin will be so drier and drier, stop the woman after classics especially show is more apparent, and the man is after 70 years old ability is relatively apparent. Additional, sebaceous glands is secreted very as close also as environmental temperature relation, the skin is lukewarm quantity of fat of the skin when rising increases, the skin is lukewarm rise 1 ℃ , leather fat secretes a quantity to rise 10 % , secrete a quantity to also follow air temperature in winter skin fat so inferior and secrete decrease, skin of old people winter is so dry more apparent.

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