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Send dermatosis patient

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Send dermatosis patient

The dermatosis such as acne, acne, Huang Heban, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, compressed wart is common disease, frequently-occurring disease. They affected the study of people, life and work badly, also affected the people pursuit to the United States. Make people is in love, aesthetic waited for all respects to get pressure. These ill incidence of a disease are high, difficult cure, easy recrudesce, make the patient lost confidence to this kind of ill cure thereby.

By expert of domestic famous dermatosis the Director Wang Xiuyun, director in Zhou Heng and Director Guan Shuxiang experience several years of clinical experiments, develop development, handle external application of to be taken orally, chinese traditional medicine the comprehensive treatment such as development, formed a scientific and economic effect to treat a system exceedingly. Those who make broad patient cast off a disease twine, restored the confidence of the life.


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